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 Full-Service White Label CBD & Nutraceutical Products for the Health and Wellness Industries

Resinosa  Custom Formulation

Resinosa Tinctures, Salves, Lotions, Gummies and More

Resinosa Co-Packing and Pick/Pack/Ship

Resinosa State-of-the Art Extraction Services

Resinosa Premium Full Spectrum & Distillate Oil


Resinosa Roll-on

3 oz. roll-ons with 2000 mg of CBD are crafted for fast absorption and convenient application. Menthol is added to the gel for immediate topical muscle support. 


Resinosa  Speed Freeze Topical                      Spray

Our powerful topical spray offers a less-mess light mist for fast absorbtion, leaving skin soft, not greasy.


 Resinosa  Tinctures

Our tinctures range in potency from 500 to 2500 mg of Cannabinoids.  We also have blended CBD, CBG, and CBN isolates to create powerful tinctures to truly experience the full benefits of the entourage effect.   Available in a wide variety of flavors, from basic to bespoke.  


Resinosa  Balm/Rub

Finally a muscle rub designed for comfort and ease of use. Our CBD Body Balm is made with our full-spectrum hemp oil, and premium ingredients such as organic virgin coconut oil, mango butter, sweet almond oil, beeswax, organic jojoba oil, organic jasmine, and non-GMO vitamin E. 


Resinosa  Lotions

By incorporating menthol into our CBD Lotion with Emu Oil, we aim to enhance its overall effectiveness. This combination offers a refreshing sensation, which can help revitalize and invigorate your skin. The menthol works in harmony with CBD and emu oil, enhancing their revitalizing and moisturizing properties. Made with Shea Butter, Emu Oil,  Menthol, Black Pepper Oil and Rosemary Oil for your recovery and relaxation.


 Resinosa  Gummies and Candies

Look no further for your ultimate source of CBD Gummies. Great natural flavors, combined with 25mg of our full-spectrum hemp oil per gummy make this product easy to use and easy to pack.

New! Functional Mushroom Gummies! Call for details.

Also available: 60 mg CBD with 10 mg THC and New Bedtime Gummies with 25 mg CBD and 10 mg CBN per gummy!


 Resinosa  Massage Oil

Professional massage therapists agree that Jojoba oil is a great way to nourish skin and provide good glide for massage. Coupling the nourishing effects of Jojoba oil and with our full-spectrum distillate will give you a massage you won’t soon forget. Available unscented, or we can work with you to formulate your own custom scent combination such as lemongrass and lavender.


Resinosa  Pet Products

Our line of pet products includes tinctures, flavorful treats and a rub-on.  Our rub-on is great for paws and noses. Made with food grade ingredients in case your pet licks the application area.


Resinosa  Wholesale Hemp Ingredients

  • Resinosa’s CBD oil is derived from hemp grown by farmers only using current best organic practices.
  • Extracted using our proprietary extraction methodology and high-tech equipment, our products are all triple filtered and, unless specified, decarboxylated. 
  • Crude
    Our great tasting, amber, full-spectrum CBD crude, grown under organic processes, using genetically superior plants. The option to purchase non-decarboxylated oil is available.
  • Distillate
    Full spectrum CBD distillate, target 80 to 85% CBD
  • Isolate
    Pure crystalline CBD, Target 99+% Pure CBD, made from CBD Oil, with zero THC!!

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