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Resinosa  White Label

Whether you are an established business or are just starting out, we offer a comprehensive line of ready to launch CBD, cannabinoid and wellness products.  We provide full system support for all your white label needs.  The combination of our small and talented staff and our rural location uniquely position us as industry leaders in both affordability and quality.


Resinosa  Custom Private Label/Custom Formulation

If you are looking for passion in creativity, you have come to the right place!  We love working with clients to turn your ideas into reality.  We work with each individual client to create unique products – each with their own flavors, scents, terpene profiles, and potencies.


Resinosa  Co-Packing

We help clients take their business to the next level, while alleviating some of the stresses associated with growth.  Regardless of the scope of your product packaging, simple or complex, Resinosa will be with you every step of the way to ensure the product is delivered on time, every time.

Resinosa  Wholesale Hemp Ingredients

  • Resinosa’s CBD oil is derived from hemp grown by farmers only using current best organic practices.
  • Extracted using our proprietary extraction methodology and high-tech equipment, our products are all triple filtered and, unless specified, decarboxylated. 
  • Crude
    Our great tasting, amber, full-spectrum CBD crude, grown under organic processes, using genetically superior plants. The option to purchase non-decarboxylated oil is available.
  • Distillate
    Full spectrum CBD distillate, target 80 to 85% CBD
  • Isolate
    Pure crystalline CBD, Target 99+% Pure CBD, made from CBD Oil, with zero THC!!

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